By the end of 2007, all children of school going age in Krishnagiri District will be enrolled and will continue to be in schools.


To ensure that all "out of school children" in Krishnagiri District are enrolled in schools and are later mainstreamed into regular schools. This will be achieved through a package of assistance to the child and to the family, such that the parents themselves will ensure that their child is enrolled in school. Each such child will be tracked upto the X Standard with the help of a webbased software available at www.back2school.in 

The software has been designed to capture very simple periodical information about each child, like whether he or she is continuing in school, what are their difficulties, what are their requests etc. Speacilly trained volunteers of the Village Volunteer Force in each Village Panchayat will capture this information in a pre-desoigned format every quarter and the data so collected will be entered through the village panchayat computer if connectivity is available or all these data will be entered at the Block Office, where connectivity is available. Detailed bio-data of the each identified child, his/her family has already been captured.


The major functions of the system are:
1. Identification of Out of School Children

2. Registering the identified child district wise, Panchayat wise, village wise, habitation wise ? and assign an ID number with photo.

3. Trained volunteers from the VVF will collect information on the status of each identifiedf child in their respective Panchayat periodically in a pre-designed format.

4. This information will be periodically fed into the web based software, such that, this will serve as a Management Information System for top officials of the district to know about the child?s status even without visitting remote locations. ( This however does not imply an end to field visits!!). This will help the officials of various levels to monitor the schemes and finalize schemes that can help each family from their desk at their convenience even at late night or after office hours.The software will popup a dash board showing the details of each and every identified child. Its success depends on the periodical meeting with the child by the Panchayat level Village Volunteer force volunteer and data entry.

5. If for any reason, the child were to drop out, their demands or needs can be posted on line by the monitoring team and the need can be met with out any procedural delay and the child can be brought back to school.

6. If the volunteer defaults on routine reporting, this will also be reflected in the dashboard.

7. This is an online service which works 24/7


The objective of this online "out of School Children" tracking & monitoring system is to make a practical link between Government schemes and its potential beneficiaries.