Diaboromon | DigimonWiki | Fandom powered by WikiaDiaboromon is an Unidentified Digimon whose name is derived from "Diablo" . Cable Crusher: Stretches its arms and launches its huge clawed hands to slash.diaboromon cable crusher,Diablomon - Wikimon - The #1 Digimon wikiAug 4, 2016 . A Diablomon that has absorbed a lot of data becomes convinced that it is an all-knowing and all-powerful being, and it takes pleasure in.


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Digimon Movie - Our War Game - Diaboromon Fight

Nov 10, 2011 . +NiouxsieNioux Well don't you see, this scene shows adventure and action with super powers, music that goes with that ought to have loud.

DMA + Digi-Dex + Diaboromon - The Digital Monsters Almanac

US Attacks. Cable Crusher Web Wrecker ? ? ? Japanese Attacks. Catastrophe Cannon Paradise Lost Tentacle Bug Dark Power Claw Attack. Evolution.

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When Patamon attempted to digivolve, however, Infermon digivolved into Diaboromon and used a Cable Crusher attack on both Tentomon and Patamon,.

Apocalymon and Diaboromon: - Angelfire

Apocalymon and Diaboromon: . Attacks: Cable Crusher /Web Wrecker; Digivolution: Kurakmon > Tsumemon > Kurisarimon > Infermon > Diaboromon

Digimon the Movie: The Battle against Diaboromon F, a digimon .

Mar 11, 2009 . This is from the Battle Against Diaboromon in the Movie in my perspective. I include .. The digimon's name is Diaboromon. .. Cable Crusher!

Digimon World 4 Part #27 - Diabolical - The Let's Play Archive

He gets stuck on using Cable Crusher as long as you're near him. His recovery frames . Diaboromon falls, spent, and decays into our prize. The Diaboro ID.

Digimon: Digital Adventures — Digimon Spotlight: Chrysalimon

Dec 7, 2015 . A Diaboromon that has absorbed a lot of data becomes convinced that it is an .. Cable Crusher [Ranged][Damage][Armor Piercing 4] Paradise.

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Members: Ben Meating, Jesse Meating, Tyson Davidson & Kaelan Atkinson . NOV17. Los Bungalitos, Hard Charger and Cable Crusher at The Maniac Mansion.

Digimon: Original and Dub Differences, Digimon Adventure 02 .

Kokomon calls his attacks as “Cable Crusher” (the actual attack is “Club Arm” in . to connect him to Diaboromon's “Cable Crusher” attack (Japanese: “Tentacle.

Digimon World 3 - Tech List/FAQ - IGN

Mar 2, 2007 . . 4.2 BlackWarGreymon 4.3 Cannondramon 4.4 Diaboromon 4.5 .. 60 Level Learned: 55 Level Loaded: Cable Crusher Tech Description:.

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A page for describing Characters: Digimon Adventure Major Villains. For the Character Sheet index of Digimon Adventure go here. Devimon The first Big Bad of.

Kirby's Adventures of Who Framed Roger Rabbit by KirbyStarWickett .

Apr 20, 2016 . Diaboromon: Cable Crusher! Patamon: Ah! TK: Look out, Patamon! . Diaboromon: Web Wrecker! Hawk's Eye: My turn! (blows fire at Kirby)

Kirby's Digimon Movie by KirbyStarWickett on DeviantArt

Diaboromon: Cable Crusher! Patamon: Ah! TK: Look out, Patamon! Patamon: Umph! Tiff: Go help him, Kirby! Just when Kirby was about to help Patamon, a giant.

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Diaboromon, 330, Mega ?? ?? Cable Crusher/ Web Wrecker. DinoBeeMon, Ultimate. Digitamamon, 57, Ultimate, Perfect, Data, Nightmare Syndrome / Hyper.

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Diaboromon. ディアボロモン. Diaboromon. Episode 77. : : EN: Cable Crusher. : : EN: Web Wrecker. インフェルモン. Infermon. インフェルモン. Infermon.

Diaboromon | DReager1's Blog

Aug 28, 2016 . Making a sequel to that one makes a lot of sense and Diaboromon was a really cool villain so I was glad to have him back. Unfortunately, they.

Digimon Movie - Our War Game - Diaboromon Fight

Nov 10, 2011 . Digimon (Fandub) - Omnimon vs Diaboromon. 5:28. Blackmagebrad . video icon. Wargreyman & MetalGarurumon VS Diaboromon. 4:12.

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Species: Diaboromon Bio: don't like talking about it. Powers: Cable crusher web wrecker paradise lost. Read moreShow less. Cloudfoot Lang (Kazato)'s photos.

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Cable Crusher (Club Arm): Extends his arms to punch and grab enemies (This attack is also used by diaboromon the other digimon affected by.

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Cable Catcher (Esgreamer): Fires off his claws and binds his enemy like wires. . Giga Crusher (Giga Death): Transforms the Positron Laser cannon on his arm into . By Movie 4 (Revenge of Diaboromon) he can fire the same attack when the.

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